Secure Document Shredding Containers

Allied Infotech provides a variety of document shredding containers for public office spaces and personal office use.  There is no charge for containers or placement at your location. Set up a schedule to have your full container(s) rotated or simply call when you need service.

Container Options To Meet Your Needs

Rolling Tote

Document Shredding

64 Gallon Rolling Tote

Dimensions: 29.5"L X 23.3"W X 40.2"HCapacity: Approximately 150 pounds of loose documents

95 Gallon Rolling Tote 

Dimensions: 33"L X 27"W X 45"H Capacity: Approximately 300 pounds of loose documents 

Standard Console

Document Shredding

Dimensions: 20"L X 20"W X 37"H Capacity: Approximately 100 pounds of loose documents 

Desk Side

Document Shredding

Dimensions: 20"L X 14.5"W X 14"H 

Capacity: Approximately 30 pounds of loose documents 

All Containers Feature: Secure locking mechanism  |  Narrow opening for depositing documents  |  Neutral color to match any office decor

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