Hard Drive Shredding Solutions

Erasing Data Is Not Enough

In a time when cyber crime is on the rise and data breaches can cause huge financial and legal headaches, it is important to take the correct steps to protect your organization and clients. Hard drives contain thousands of files that could potentially wreak havoc for your business if exposed unknowingly. Ensure you company, employees, and customers are protected from this security threat and turn to professional hard drive destruction solutions. 

In addition to lowering your chances for a breach by security, Allied Infotech, provides chain of custody, recording the serial number of the hard drive, and provide a certificate of destruction once the process is complete. Remember that there is vital legislation in association with data privacy that dictates how information needs to be maintained, stored, and shared, to protect the privacy and confidentiality of all parties involved. These laws are government mandated and typically vary based on industry. Privacy legislation such as HIPAA and FACTA makes it imperative that you are properly shredding sensitive data properly. Hard drive shredding is a practice that is addressed under these important business procedures.

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