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Allied Infotech offers secure document shredding services with options to fit your needs. We use quality materials to maintain the integrity of your sensitive documents. Our destruction process is HIPPA compliant and destruction certificates are available upon request. Call us today to discuss your destruction needs.  

Services Include: 

  • One-time paper shredding
  • Scheduled shredding
  • Residential shredding
  • Hard drive and media destruction

No matter which option you choose, we guarantee a secure chain of custody that protects you from identify theft and business fraud. 

Plant-Based Shredding Service

Weather picking up your sensitive information at your home or business, our plant-based shredding service offers an unparalleled chain of custody for your information. A screened and uniformed Allied Infotech employee transports your documents and media to our shredding plant. 

Our shredding plant features: 

  • Perimeter security 
  • Interior and exterior security monitoring
  • Climate control technology
  • Building access control system 

Our stat-of-the-art destruction equipment shreds your information into unrecognizable strips, whether it comes in the form of paper documents or electronic media. The entire paper shredding and media destruction process is recorded to video and stored for 90 days. We recycle your shredded material and provide you with a certificate of destruction. 

One-Time Shredding

Have you accumulated a large amount of sensitive documents and need them destroyed in a secure and efficient manner? Our one-time purge paper shredding service saves you time and protects your privacy. We pick up your boxed documents for shredding. We can also deliver security containers to your location. After you fill them, we transport the documents to our shredding plant where your private documents are permanently destroyed. Our one-time shredding service offers the perfect solution for: 

  • Quarterly or annual file room purges
  • Office moves or corporate consolidations
  • Audit and litigation requirements

Scheduled Shredding 

If you have a paper-dependent office, it's important to destroy outdated documents promptly and efficiently. Our scheduled service helps your business stay productive and compliant with state and federal privacy laws.  Our secure shredding containers streamline the document disposal process and keep your information secure. You decide how often an Allied Infotech employee come to rotate the containers. Whether weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, we destroy your documents according to your schedule. 

Collection Containers

We have a variety of collection containers to fit your needs.  LEARN MORE

Residential Shredding

Identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the United States, and shredding credit card statements, medical records, and other personal information and financial information is of the of the most effective ways to prevent identity theft. However, standing at a personal paper shredder is time-consuming.  Instead, Allied Infotech offers convenient walk-in/drop-off shredding at our office. We make it that much easier to help keep your information secure.  What types of personal documents should I shred? LEARN MORE 

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