File Maintenance Solutions

Moving across town? Boxes in disrepair?

We can help. 

File Room Purge 

The file room staff at your business is busy serving your clients.  Let the team at Allied Infotech pack your files for you.  We will purge the files according to your established guidelines. We have all the materials needed to ensure your packing is seamless with your daily operations. 

Relocation Services

An expertly planned and efficient relocation of your documents can save your business money and time. The team at Allied Infotech can help you relocate your documents long or short distances. We provide all the necessary equipment to pack, transfer, and reposition your documents securely and safely.  

Repacking Services

The team at Allied Infotech can repair and/or repack your boxes.  Our services will maintain your boxes' integrity and keep your documents safe and secure.  Services can be performed at Allied Record Centre or at your location. 

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See how we can help protect your records and documents throughout their life cycle. 

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