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Converting Paper Documents To Digital

In today's connected and virtual workplace, efficient information access is crucial. Our document scanning service reduces paper intensive processes that creates bottlenecks for your organization. You gain quick and easy document retrieval from our retrieval software. Scanned active files can be shared with users in multiple offices and locations without costly printing and faxing. 

Our team of imaging specialists convert your paperwork into easily accessible digital images and transfer them to CD, DVD, or our easily searchable online database. Whether you need a back-file conversion or a secure reliable solution for scanning and storing active files, we can help. 

Document Scanning For Enhanced Disaster Recovery 

Your hard copy files can be destroyed by fire, flood, or natural disasters. Our document scanning solution protects your information from permanent loss, enhancing your company's Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity capabilities. Your Digital files can be stored securely on your server or backed up to media in your office or stored offsite at our data storage vault.  Day forward document imaging: Convert newly created documents to an electronic format. Reduce the future storage costs and streamline your workflow.   Back file document imaging: Enable your organization to convert all of its currently stored documents into electronic format.  

Advantages Of Digital Imaging Include:

  • Fast document retrieval for viewing, printing, faxing, or e-mailing
  • Simultaneous access by multiple users
  • Increase document security
  • Eliminate document loss

Our Digital Imaging Process: 

  • Schedule a pick-up of your original documents
  • Documents are prepared for imaging
  • Customized indexing fields are selected
  • Paper documents are processed
  • Multi stage quality control processes are conducted
  • Images are converted to a digital medium (CD, DVD, USB Drive, Cloud Based Storage)

Physical delivery to your location or digital medium to access on your system are both available.  Original documents can be stored at our Record Centre, securely destroyed, or returned to your location following the document conversion process. 

Digitech Systems Case Study

Paul Mitchell Case Study 

An all-in-one cloud solution for Ohio’s PaulMitchell Schools of Cosmetology

United Illuminating Case Study

              United Illuminating Sees ROI in Less than One Year with ImageSilo.

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