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Allied Infotech Online System

Allied Infotech utilizes the leading technology in document inventory management software to track client files and data. The system provides clients with chain of custody tracking, flexible inventory reporting options, and web-based access to all information in real-time.

System Administration - System administrators can manage authorized account users to provide greater control and security. Activities include adding/modifying or deactivating users; deleting users with no activity; changing function or account access; and modifying available reports.  

Real-time Inventory Management 

  • Add new items on demand. 
  • Perform direct data entry. 
  • Ensure inventory accuracy. 
  • Access scan on demand images. 

Order Express - The order express menu provides easy order placement options.  Quickly order items by barcode, description, or request unregistered boxes or files. 

Check Out Cart - Requested items are loaded into the cart and individual items can be added to a work order.  The items remain in the cart until removed or until an order is placed.  The cart can contain requests for deliveries, pick-ups, materials, reports, or services.  Orders can be tracked from the initial request through delivery.